Tuesday, June 8, 2010

baby teeth.

Dear Baby Teeth, 

Please come in soon. 

I am chewing on anything and everything that I can get my little hands on. 

And even though I am still pretty happy and smiley during the day... night time has been rough lately. 

My mommy thinks I'm super cute and loves me lots... but I'm pretty sure she's tired of seeing me around 1am. And 2 am. And 3 am. 

And I'm pretty sure Daddy's getting tired of having my big brother come crawl in bed with him at 1 am. (Something about my screaming keeping him awake or something.) 

So please come in soon, tooth #3. 
Mommy and Daddy didn't really like the projectile vomiting that came with my first two teeth, but at least then they were getting to sleep at night. (And I'm afraid Mommy might start to go a little bit crazy if I keep up this screaming.) 

So, please, baby teeth. 
For all our sakes. 
Come in soon. 

Love, Gretchen 


amy d said...

hahaha!!! cute!

Melissa Jensen said...

we are working on first year molars over here and WOW has it brought out Miss TANTRUM QUEEN!!! This momma is going crazy!
I will be thinking of Gretchen!! She is super sweet girl, love her smiles!

Tom and Mira Ehrlich said...

I'm with you!!! We are starting to get the first tooth too.

beth foster said...

aw, but she is such a cutie!
I hear ya - we were there about 3 weeks ago, which makes sense because I think jack is about 1 month older than gretchen.
glad you found me! I will be able to keep up on you now without peeking over your dad's shoulder at work. ;)
p.s aren't pudge & zippy adorable? she does such a great job on her blog. I'm thinking the connection is longford??