Thursday, June 24, 2010


"Your home is only as happy as the grumpiest person in it -- don't be the grump." 

Tonight... I was the grump.
I hate that.

Kids were both tired and whiny and trying to figure out a way to get me to change my answer to every single thing they asked me and then didn't like the answer to.
Corey was gone.
Mommy was on her last nerve.

Lawson even said to me, "Can you not talk to me in such a mean voice?"
Of course, this is after I've had to repeat myself three times and he's still not following directions about getting ready for bed. And after he has responded to nearly everything I've said this evening in a whiny, arguing voice.
But still...

Got them both in bed and thought to myself (and Facebook) "I'm so tired of hearing myself yell and be grouchy. Ugh." It did make me feel a little better that in less than 30 minutes, 8 other mommies had commented, all with similar feelings. One of my favorite comments... "I'm so annoyed with my child and with my reaction."

That's it.
I'm so annoyed with my reaction.
Why can't I be patient and calm and loving and take this opportunity to teach them, instead of modeling ugly behavior for them?

Parenting stinks sometimes.


Momma H said...

Parenting sometimes brings out the real of the parents when the children are being real children. It's hard on the big "kids," perhaps because it's so much easier being able to just BE.
Responsibily, I guess.

Courtney said...

it does.
and it's just so CONSTANT, isn't it??

the great thing is that they forgive us and move on.

the bad thing is that we DON'T...