Saturday, April 24, 2010


** I've had a lot of people asking about Gretchen's birthmark lately. Like 6 people this week. "Did she fall? Did she bang her head on something?" Nope. It's a birthmark. It's always been there. It's more visible sometimes and more noticeable in some pictures than others. I don't know why. I promise I'm not PhotoShopping it out or anything. Our pediatrician said it may fade as she gets older, then become more visible when she gets really hot or angry. We'll see. 
(fyi... this should be the last picture in the green dress. For now anyway. I took a lot of pictures that day!)

** My kids have been entertaining themselves for quite awhile this morning. Lawson has used lots of big marshmallows and toothpicks. Sophie has been raiding the recycling for box and then cutting them up. I think she's making a bed for a stuffed animal. They are both using lots of Scotch tape. Lots. 

** Gretchen loves her Exersaucer. She jumps like crazy and will stay in there for a long time. Right now she's rolling across the floor and getting herself wedged under the coffee table. Again.

** We are going to a friend's house sometime this weekend to pick up a fun gift. It is fun and happy and I am so excited about it!

** I've been in a funk the last few days. Like a wanting-to-be-alone-not-being-a-good-wife-or-mommy kind of funk. I need alone time every once in awhile. Maybe that's how I re-charge? According to my friend Jana, I must be an introvert with social skills. :) But alone time is hard to come by when I spend my days and evenings surrounded by small children. Often I am able to fake it at work with those 20 kids, and then come home with nothing left for these 3. Which isn't good. But it's an occupational hazard, I'm afraid. So thankful for Corey, who takes over in these times and lets me have some time trying to get out of my funk.

** No pictures from this entire week. That would be part of the funk. I do have some super cute pictures of Gretchen's first time in the swing Monday evening, but that's it. I need to get those edited and posted.

** Only 20 days of school left. This has been the most delightful class that I have had in a long time. Someone in the lunchroom told me this week that they are the best class in the whole school. That's 15 classes. Love hearing that. Love this class, but am oh-so-ready for summer.

** I just cut out a picture of "Chicken Little" for Lawson and he was really impressed with my cutting and that I stayed in the lines. :)

** There are some changes coming in my grade level next year that I am really excited about. This year was tough for a few reasons and I am excited about how different next year will be. (But not excited that I might be moving rooms.)

** I want to make a blog header. It was on my To-Do-List for Spring Break and didn't happen. Hopefully this summer. I still like the simple look, but hoping to happy it up a little bit with some fun pictures.

** Gretchen has had an ear infection for about a month now. We may be heading to an ENT soon and looking at tubes. Mr. Lee has been awesome. Thank you for all your help.

** The kids and I are all still in our pajamas. It's 11:54. I should probably start being productive. I'll start with making a To-Do-List. Something about being able to cross things off a list... love that.


Anonymous said...

I L.O.V.E. your blog! It's one of my absolute favorites. I have a technical question for do you get your pictures to be so big on the blog? I'm using blogspot and I have selected the largest option, but they appear a little bit bigger than a baseball card. just curious!


Allen and Debby Graber said...

Al was born with a birthmark that covered 1/4th of his head. It faded and went away except for a little yellow part in his hair. Bet you've never noticed it! And it is normal and ok to be in a funk. And a blessing to have loving and understanding husbands!

Kendall Smith said...

Both of my kids have that redish mark on their foreheads. Ollie's is more pronounced and definitely becomes more visible when he gets hot or mad. Lily's is barely visible. We've heard them called storkbites...and I think they're cute!!! :-)

amy d said...

it must be time for "amy's night" again :)

Courtney said...

both of my boys have a similar birthmark...have you noticed sawyer's? it does all the way down his nose...

joshua's just shows up when he's upset.

Anonymous said...

It's where the angels kissed her!

Amy said...

Laurie... email me and I can tell you what I know!

Toni :O) said...

Golly, I never noticed her birthmark, her eyes always get me I guess and those beautiful eyelashes of hers! Yeah, I agree with someone else, dark chocolate or your favorite candy...go for it!

Holly said...

Lydia totally had that same 'birthmark'
same shape, same place, everything.
and she had that glass WHITE skin so it was like a beacon for questions when she was a baby!
It's totally gone now, no hint of anything, and I miss it ;-)

So, I love that I get to see it again on your little one!