Wednesday, April 28, 2010

be nice.

I saw this quote today and really liked it:

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. 

Corey tells me sometimes that I'm too nice.
And that because of that, I expect too much out of other people.
Because I expect them to be nice, too.
And then I get disappointed by people if they aren't.
Which may be true.

But really... is that too much to ask??
Be nice.
Be friendly.
Be thoughtful.
Think about how your words or actions affect other people?

Maybe so.
But I think I'd rather be nice than important.


Brittany said...

I like this quote, and I agree with you...important fades with time....being kind never does! :)

Hey, I saw your comment -- and I love the name Lawson!!!! Layton and Lawson would make adorable twin names :)

Layton- it is my husband's great grandfathers name...we loved it instantly. I'm a teacher too, so it was especially hard to find a name that I didn't associate with a student, good or bad.

We almost named our second son, Judson. I really liked it, but I thought I would have to spell my kids names my entire life. I already have to with "Layton", so we decided to pick something simple and classic like "Luke"....but I still love it all the same.

Have a great week!

Butterball said...

Well said, Ame! I often find myself saying this (over and over) especially while driving...

Anonymous said...

Can a person be "too nice?"

Beki - TheRustedChain said...


Sometimes when I see mean people, I think "Just be nice!" It's not that hard.

The Sieberts said...

i struggle with that too. I'm pretty sure if anyone is ever mean to me i cry every time :o)

Christina said...

I think I have had the same thought that Beki shared. It doesn't seem that hard. But then, sometimes, I think it's hardest at home. I wish that weren't so. Thank you for the reminder!!