Sunday, April 18, 2010

more gretchie.

Those eyes... 

You looked so sweet today in your new green dress. 

Your brother and sister have been yelling "Shrek and Donkey!" at you all day, trying to make you laugh.
Daddy gets the best laughs out of you, though. 

You are getting so strong... pushing up all the time... 

This morning during church, you figured out how to grab your little jitterbug that hangs above your carseat. I kept my eyes open during the whole prayer, just watching you grab it and pull it down, over and over. You were so excited. 

We adore you, Gretchen Jane. 
You are the best surprise God ever gave us. 


Toni :O) said...

I adore checking in on your sweet family! I LOVE her, they are just beautiful! So many happy pics of your kids....hilarious about the bunny..hopefully it's mommy found it!

Holly said...

she is so precious!
ugh. my. heart.

Christina said...

Sweetness! Her eyelashes are so amazing...No wonder that you are so captivated by her. I love the Daddy laughs! They are the best.