Sunday, April 18, 2010

baby bunny.

This little guy was found in our backyard yesterday...

Seriously cute.
I convinced the 4 shrieking children that we should put him back where he was and let his mommy come back to find him.
Then I kicked all the children and the dog out of the yard.
When we went back to check later, he was gone.
I'm hoping his mommy did come back to get him, or that he found his way back to where he was supposed to be.
But he may have had a heart attack from all the screaming and running and fighting over him before I got there.
Poor bunny.


Mom said...

I remember a daughter bringing me a couple baby bunnies. You called it a Mother's Day gift ! =)

Amy said...

Flopsy and Bob. You know you loved them. :) Remember we put a leaf from the dining room table across the door to the back porch? Then they got bigger and started hopping over it into the dining room!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Oh cute! I don't really like big rabbits, but a little bunny is so cute!