Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sophie and Lawson have had a little slumber party the last couple nights.

Gretchen has been a bit of a mess at night for the past couple weeks. I'm sure the ear infection was part of it. We stopped using the swaddle blanket a few weeks ago (too small). Maybe that was part of it, too?

She was still sleeping in the bassinet in our room and it was getting a little small. Since she wasn't swaddled anymore, she could stretch her arms out and she would hit the sides. Maybe that was waking her up??

I set the pack-n-play up in our room and we tried that for a few nights. She stretched out a lot more, but wasn't really doing any better. We tried just letting her cry it out. It lasted an hour one night. Seriously. Short night for momma. (Daddy put his pillow over his head and slept through half of it.) We put her in a little sleep sac to keep her warm and she kept lifting her legs up in the air and then slamming them down together (it was surprisingly loud) She was like a little beaver slapping the water with it's tail. Except she was a mad little beaver.

Corey thought we needed to put her in her crib. I was willing to try anything. So we drug the extra mattress out from under Sophie's bed and had Lawson camp out in her room.

This little miss is doing much better! Yay!

Still not as good as she was (She was going from 9 pm - 5 or 6 am, then back down after a bottle) The first night she only woke up once. Last night it was twice. I hesitate giving her a bottle... telling myself she shouldn't be hungry... but then I'm afraid she's going through a growth spurt or something. She takes the entire bottle, so I guess she is hungry. Hoping we'll get back to where we were soon! It's been way too long since Mommy got to sleep all night!


Aaron and Shannon said...

Oh Amy, I literally laughed out loud reading this post! We went through the EXACT same thing with Cole! Ear infections, sleep sack, crib, positioner,etc. It was CRAZY! Finally Dr. Patron said to just let him only lasted a few nights and was never longer than 30 minutes, but it seemed like forever! I think it just took him a while to figure out what to do with his arms being free and being able to move around in a big bed! Hang in will get better!!! :)

keepingthemistakes said...

You know, Everett got so good at swaddling that he could use any blanket (we had some big thin blankets someone made us) so we swaddled for a long time. You might try using another blanket and wrapping good and tight.

Toni :O) said...

I heart her...she's SO cute and just makes me smile wide when I check on your sweet family. Here's to better night's sleep real soon for everyone!