Monday, March 1, 2010

more random.

I remembered a couple other things I accomplished yesterday.
Things that weren't on my to-do-list, but seemed really important at the time.

Organized all my jewelry.

Cleaned and organized my bathroom drawers and cabinets.

Vacuumed all the cat hair off our bedskirt. (It's the only place the cats are truly safe from Marley, so they spend a lot of time going in and out from under the bed.) I'm pretty sure I vacuumed enough hair to make an entire cat.

I remembered these things when I was lying awake at 3:00 am... listening to a fussy baby cry and cry and cry. No idea what her deal was last night, but wow... it was a short night.

Gretchen wore a cute little outfit the other day with Unforgettable embroidered on it. Corey thought it said Vegetable.

I think Vince Vaughn is hilarious.

I'm pretty sure I do need an awesome metal breadbox from Target. Even Sarajane thinks so.

9 more days until Spring Break. So ready for a break!

I just yelled at Lawson for how he's eating a banana. Chill out, mommy.


Christina said...

So funny...enough hair to make a cat. hahaha
and "vegetable"...good for you to write these things can laugh at them later, too!
I am also in the "chill-out mommy" category, if it makes you feel better. You are not alone! :)

Butterball said...

I love the realness of it all. Your posts are. the. best.

angie schmidt said...

You had quite an impressive weekend...I am glad to know there is a "chill-out mommy" club because I am all over it! See you tonight! :)

amy d said...

wow!! where did you get all that energy, cause i totally need some!!
if spring would finally hurry up and get here, maybe that would help!! i saw those bread boxes should totally get one, they are soo cute!! ...marley went bazonkers when she saw me monday, she nearly hurled herself over the fence to get loved on. :)