Monday, March 29, 2010


Happy Birthday, Lawson!! 

To my favorite 5 year old...
* You are so funny. Really, truly, make people laugh out loud... funny. 
* You have the best smile... sweet, with just a touch of ornery mixed in. 
* You will always have awesome hair. 
* Your favorite color is green. 
* You still mix up blue and yellow. 
* You still use "Rainbow Fish" anytime you make someone say a password. 
* You are an amazing big brother... you adore your baby Gretchie. 
* You love to play outside with Sophie. 
* You can bit a bit of a chicken and you cry too easily sometimes. 
* Daddy and Grandpa are two of your favorite people. 
* You asked me if you got to go to Kindergarten today. 
* You are such a cuddlebug. 
* You always have time for a hug and a kiss for your momma. 
* You are and always will be... my favorite little man. 


angie schmidt said...

Lawson is getting big but how precious he still likes to cuddle! It looks like you have had an eventful weekend. You are an amazing mom, wife and teacher. How you keep it all together is quite impressive! :)

rentz said...

Happy birthday, Lawson!

Christina said...

So sweet...I love the "Rainbow Fish" password. Good things to remember forever! :)

amy d said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE NEIGHBOR DUDE!!!!! he told me today that it feels good to be 5!! he's so funny!!