Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm wearing a different outfit tomorrow.
This one is apparently bad luck.

Sophie threw up again this morning.

She was all afternoon and evening yesterday. She ate a late lunch in the afternoon and had a great supper. Played crazy all evening with Lawson. Slept fine all night. Woke up this morning... got dressed... then threw up. Ugh.

My plan was to make emergency sub plans at school yesterday. Just on the rare chance that someone would get sick while Corey was out of town. That worked out well.

So my sweet neighbor, Amy D., got an early morning phone call today and came over to sit with Sophie while I scurried the other two off to daycare and ran to do sub plans. (For the worst sub ever! Ugh.) She got to see Sophie throw up again and the got mauled by my muddy dog when I got home. Sorry, Amy. For both things.

Sophie seems fine now.
Still no fever.
She's talking my leg off.
She just scarfed down 2 pieces of toast and declared me "the best toast maker ever."
I'm a real gourmet.

I've changed into comfy clothes. Again.
But this outfit will now go back in the closet.
Hopefully a different outfit will bring us better luck tomorrow.

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amy d said...

if you call me tomorrow morning, you might want to set out a barf bucket for me as well...craig laughed when i told him that watching sophie made me nearly barf as well. :) glad she is feeling better and maybe i can come over and finish watching pollyanna sometime and have some of the best toast ever! lol!!