Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sick day.

Home today with a sick little girl. The biggest little girl.
She woke up early saying her tummy hurt, but I didn't think much of it.
Then she threw up about 7:15.
No fever, but she can't keep anything down.

Corey went ahead and took the other two to daycare while I ran up to school to do sub plans.

Really hoping it's just a 24 hour bug. Corey leaves this afternoon for a training in KC and won't be home until Friday. Not sure I can handle single motherhood with a sick kiddo and a baby who still isn't sleeping all night.

Trying to look at today as a "free day." Sophie isn't requiring too much. The house is clean... laundry is done... feeling free to spend the day wasting time on the computer... watching tv... taking a nap. I've crossed a couple things off my to-do-list... and added a couple to my project list.

But the first couple hours, I kept having these moments of panic... wondering where Gretchen was. This may be one of the first times I've been at home without her. Minus those days where I was the one throwing up.


The Boccias said...

Hi, Amy! Sorry your Sophie is sick; hope she is better very soon. As for the crochet headbands, my mother-in-law ordered them online. I can ask her if she remembers where. It was a big pack of about 20 different colors. We just put whatever bow we want on the headbands. Girly stuff is fun! Your baby girl is adorable--love her eyes!

linda lou said...

hope sophie get well soon at least you had special time together today(:

linda lou