Saturday, January 30, 2010

still sick.

She now has an ear infection and pneumonia to go along with the RSV.
But at least there's a little bit of sparkle back in these eyes...

They gave her an anti-biodic shot yesterday and started her on new meds today. Still doing breathing treatments and keeping track of how much she eats. She went from 12# 11oz. on Wednesday to 12# 7 oz. on Friday. She needs 12 oz. of formula or Pedialyte a day to keep from getting dehydrated. Her O2 level was still good, so as long as we can keep her eating at least 12 oz, she can stay out of the hospital.

She's sleeping pretty good... when she's being held. So Corey and I aren't sleeping the greatest. It reminds me of another little girl that was sick and was only comfortable when she was being held. Our couch and the recliner in our bedroom are much more comfortable than that hard hospital rocking chair.

She's still sick... but she is much more comfortable. Some of her sparkle is back and we are seeing more smiles and personality.

And... she found her feet.


Anonymous said...

what cute pictures of the girls! hang in there gretchen will be better soon our love and prayers.

linda lou

Aaron and Shannon said...

I feel your pain with the ears and on going sickness. Cole had to get the antibiotic shots too. Praying that she will start feeling better soon and you will start getting more sleep soon!

Holly said...

nothing worse than a sick little baby who cannot tell you all about it!
hang in there!

I LOVE when they find their feet - one of my fav's.