Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I could have worn sweats to school today.
And I forgot.
So bummed.

It was "Wellness Wednesday."
We all were given papers earlier this year, asking us to make a goal to "change one thing" this year. We had to write what we wanted to change... why... and how it would positively affect our health.

I said I would lose weight.
I've already lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months. Pretty good, huh? :)
(Guess how old Gretchen is today?)

So bummed. I really could have used a sweats day.

fyi... the remaining "Wellness Wednesdays" are now written on my calendar.
I will not forget again.

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Aaron and Shannon said...

We had a lot of people forget too, so Jan delcared Friday another sweat day! Plus we had conferences TH night! I remembered, so I got 2 days of sweats. I'll try to remind you next time!