Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm down.

Home today with yucky flu-stuff.
Started getting around for school this morning, but ended up calling my principal for a sub.
I was having to concentrate way too hard on not throwing up.

Finished sub plans, got back home to do Sophie's hair and finish getting kiddos out the door. (So lucky that Corey can go in late at times like this.)
Got him and the kids out the door and 3 minutes later I was kneeling over the toilet.
Lots of fun.

I don't get sick very often. I rarely take sick days for myself. (Which is a good thing. Since I used up all my leave time with Miss Gretchen, I'm thinking that staying home today is going to end up costing us a couple hundred from my paycheck. ) But pausing at various times during the middle of the day to go throw up wouldn't have worked out too well.

Feeling a little perkier since my sweet hubby hooked me up with ibuprofen, Gatorade and toast when he was home at lunch. I've ventured out of bed to the couch. Haven't kneeled at the thone for a few hours. But thinking I better rest up a little before my crew comes home in 2 hours.

Boo for sick days.
And boo for the fact that even despite all this, I'm still looking around thinking, "I should at least be doing some laundry or something!"

Mommies shouldn't be allowed to get sick.


Melissa said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I agree there is no time for mommies to get sick.

Amanda said...

NO, you should not be doing laundry or something! You have all rights to be on that couch all NIGHT! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Hope you are better this afternoon - and that it doesn't go through your family.

Be good to yourself!


Courtney said...

i'm so sorry!!!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Aww...that is horrible. I've heard it only lasts 12 hours. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon! I'll say some prayers for you!

Christina said...

I hope it goes away fast! I was laid out all day, just outrageously tired. My two older kids watched the two-year-old all day! My oldest is home-schooled, so she was around, and the two younger ones had school in the morning and then were home from lunch on. I slept for hours and hours. No clue about that.
I do hope you are feeling much better tomorrow, and that your household remains well!!

lindalou said...

gretchen looks so cute in her hat!!! get well soon amy and my prayers are with you.

linda w