Saturday, May 30, 2009

mommy days.

I am so excited about our summer daycare arrangement!

We have to continue paying some over the summer to hold a space for Lawson in the fall. We went back and forth over whether to just pay for one child to go or to continue paying our normal full-time rate for both kids to go twice a week. This summer was an opportunity for us to save a little money before we go back to paying for two in daycare again. But... it is really nice for me to have those two days for doctor appointments, shopping trips, scrapbooking, or just alone time.

I talked to Jessi and the arragement we came up with is perfect! We're doing Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, but one week, the kids alternate days (Sophie on Tuesday, Lawson on Thursday), the other week, they both go Tuesday/Thursday. We save money on the weeks they alternate and on those weeks, we get to have a "Mommy/Lawson day" or a "Mommy/Sophie day."

This was a week they alternated, and each of the kids were so excited about their special day!

On "Mommy/Lawson day" we...
* dropped Sophie off
* had breakfast at our favorite local donut shop
* stopped at the park to play and see Daddy
* came home and played Chutes and Ladders, Hungry Hungry Hippos and set up lots of domino trains in the living room
* watched a movie, snuggled up on the couch (Lawson is still such a snuggler!)
* had lunch at home with Daddy
* rocked for a long time at nap time
* (Mommy took a nap, too!)
* picked up Sophie (he asked about 4 times, "Is it time to pick up Sophie?")
* stopped at the park to play and see Daddy again!

On "Mommy/Sophie day" we...
* dropped Lawson off
* had breakfast at our favorite local donut shop
* stopped at the park to see Daddy and take him a donut
* shopped Wal-Mart (I let her pick out a $1.46 pink mirror compact... she has been thrilled with it!)
* had lunch at home with Daddy
* watched her dance recital DVD while snuggled up on the couch
* went to Carter's to buy new pajamas
* stopped at Sonic for a Happy Hour drink
* stopped at the park to deliver a limeade to Daddy
* picked up Lawson (she didn't keep asking when it was time to pick him up, but she did say 4 times, "This is the best day ever!")

I didn't take a single picture either day. I just wanted to be focused on them, and not on trying to get good pictures. (Maybe next time, though!) They are both already talking about what they want to do on their next "Mommy day!" (I have a feeling the donut shop might be a constant, though!)

Next week, they will both go on Tuesday and Thursday and Mommy will have some "alone days!"

So excited about both weeks!
Thanks, Jessi, for being so flexible with us this summer!
You're the best! :)


amy said...

how lucky for you, amy. :) i do not even know how heavenly that would be.

Jessi said...

Awe, you're so sweet! I'm glad you are happy with our arrangement, as am I. It's a win-win! :) I'm excited to have Sophie this summer. She's such a sweet girl. And Lawson is just as special. I will miss not having him everyday though. It's going to be a great summer. Enjoy your alone days. :)

Amanda said...

I don't know what I'd do without my "alone" days. So glad it's working out so well for you this summer! ENJOY!

Aaron and Shannon said...

That works out great Amy! I bet they really do love it! The donut shop is a favorite of ours too! Sad to day, but we go there every Saturday!!

Holly said...

I love love love alone time with my kids - such a treasure!

Kendall Smith said...

What a great arrangement!!! That'll be nice to have some alone days. Enjoy it!!!

Jennifer said...

Good for you Amy! I have done sorta the same thing with London. I get off at 2:30 but on Tuesday and Thursday I don't pick her up till 4:30 - amazing what you can do in those two hours!

Courtney said...

sounds perfect!!!