Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Mommy's alone day couldn't have had better timing.

Love my little girl to pieces. I really do.
She can be the sweetest, sweetest thing.
But I am so, so tired of the sass. Ugh.
And while I am grateful that she doesn't act this way anywhere else, I am so frustrated that she just saves it all for me!

She came and crawled in bed with me this morning and immediately... honestly, first words out out of her mouth is a sassy little comment about a disagreement we had over a swimsuit last night. Just how I wanted to start my morning.

She continues on with a few other comments regarding the swimsuit, her dress she picked out to wear, etc. Finally I said, "I hope you aren't going to be talking this way at Jessi's today."

Imagine a super sassy little voice here, saying, "You know I wouldn't talk like this at Jessi's."

Then WHY do you think it is okay to talk to me like this????
We had another long talk about respect and how I know that she would never talk to grown-ups this way at school, or church, or Jessi's or ballet... obviously she knows this is not an appropriate way to talk to grown-ups. Why do I not fall into that same category???

We've tried sticker charts, reward systems, vinegar in her mouth (the words coming out of your mouth need to be sweet, not nasty...) but I don't feel like things are getting any better. I'm clinging to the hope that she is getting this out of her system now and that her teenage years are going to be delightful. :)

Any advice or suggestions from other mothers of sassy daughters?


PamperingBeki said...

Have you been around my daughter much? Yikes. QUEEN of sass.

I really don't have advice other than to stay firm. When she gets sassy I crack down much harder than normal. I usually have to be practically mean for a few days before she checks the attitude. Then it dies down for a while, but it always creeps back up and I have to get mean agin.

Susy M. said...

Have you tried locking her up until she turns 21? Just kidding. Take away all priviledges for a day and if it doesn't get any better; extend the time. By Day 2, that sassiness is gone.

Frau said...

I'm sure it really stinks Amy to know that she saves it all for you. I did the same to my mom when I was young...sweet sweet around everyone else, but I know that home was one place that would give unconditional love no matter what sassy commentary I added. I can't remember anything that "worked" for my mom, but I remember what made me "think" the most was my mom telling me that she was "disappointed in me". I think both of your friend that have posted already have great ideas - stay firm and make the consequences something that she really values! Good luck - I'll be praying for you and little miss thang! =)