Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 year old.

Marley... June 8, 2008:

(no clue which one she is, though!)

August 8, 2008... first day at our house:

June 8, 2009... one year old:

Crazy how we went from this tiny little puppy to a huge dog in only one year.
(and crazy how all her sleek shiny black hair has turned gray. Are we really that stressful to live with?)
The kids were so excited that it was Marley's birthday!
We went to a pet store and they each picked out a new toy for her.
Then we went out to eat with Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian.
We celebrated while Marley slept in her kennel. :)

p.s. Thanks, Miss Amy and Miley for Marley's fun present! She was so excited when you came over to deliver it. I'm pretty sure you spoil our dog more than we do... which may explain why she likes you better than me. :)


PamperingBeki said...

Oh how stinking cute!

amy d said...

ha, your funny! she is still so cute, but it's hard to believe that she was ever that small :)
did you see her playing with chloe today? it was hilarious!