Saturday, May 9, 2009

kindergarten recognition.

Still amazes me the difference in this little girl.
Two years ago at her first pre-school "graduation" she wouldn't go near the stage.
She's still shy. Still very reserved at times.
She doesn't like to be the center of attention.
But she did a wonderful job up on stage!

I did wish I had pulled her hair back, though. She has a nervous habit of twirling/playing/chewing on her hair. Luckily some of the actions kept her hands busy. :)

Getting her certificate from Mr. N. (see the hand in the hair?)

Abi, Gracie and Sophie... three little pink peas in a pod.

Sophie has loved being in your class, Mrs. Roux! Thank you so much for loving our daughter and for making her first school experience be so much fun!
Now, only 9 more days and this little girl is officially a first grader!

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rentz said...

congrats, Sophie!