Sunday, May 24, 2009

blast ball.

Blast ball...

It's pretty much like t-ball...

but there's only one base...

and when you jump on it...

(I love how there are 6 kids going after the one ball!)

There are only 4 games and Lawson looked like this for 2 of them.
The other 2 games, he was all shy and scared to run to the base.
The first one, I think he just didn't expect all the parents and grandparents there. Cheering. Freaked him out a little.
The third game we had a different dad standing at 1st base (not our neighbor, Craig).

But the other two games...

He had a BLAST!

That's a pretty aggressive outfield... 5 of the 7 are sitting down, including the first baseman! :)

During one inning, Lawson found a shady spot to sit and play in the dirt.

Pretty sure this will be our last summer of ball games with Sophie, but I see a few more years in this little man's future!

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PamperingBeki said...

That is so stinking cute!!

I've never even heard of that. Is it through the rec center?

Those sun spots you have on your photos - sun glare. I'm addicted to it. :) I LOVE it. So good job on that. (I have baby pics on my blog right now with tons of sun glare.)