Monday, September 2, 2013

farm life.

We're settling in to farm life pretty well out here. I don't love the longer drive... especially after school. I don't love the road construction. (Seriously every single road between our house and school. So annoying. Pilot cars are not my favorite thing.) I like the quiet, but I miss knowing I have sweet neighbors across the street. (Sweet neighbors a mile away just isn't the same...) 

I don't love the flies. Seriously. I'm pretty sure there are like 47 flies in my house at all times. 

Have you seen my blue front door? 

Our front yard. =)

Yes... she's in her pajamas...

These two could spend HOURS outside. And they do. I love that. Sophie's not a big outdoor girl, but she spends hours in her room drawing and creating. She loves having her own room.

Watering the cows has become the only daily chore he does willingly. Sophie's in charge of getting the mail. (We may have had to have a talk with both kids about making sure the mail makes it to the house. I found a couple bills out with the cows last week.)

Not as happy as daisies, but still pretty happy. (Makes me think of you, Beki!)

We watch the sun come up over these sunflowers every morning. Gretchen and I sit and snuggle on the deck when we let Marley out. (The kids are doing good with their new wake up times. Everyone is getting up about 30 minutes earlier. Still working on getting bedtime 30 minutes earlier...)

More pajamas. And a pet butterfly. So far she has found (and made little houses/habitats for...) a butterfly, a ladybug, a 3 giant fuzzy caterpillars.

Corey emptied our storage unit this past weekend. So now our garage looks like this...

We had a good, productive weekend, but I really needed another day off.

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Heidi said...

It looks like you're doing wonderfully!! I'm totally impressed.