Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring break.

 "The Wonder Pets" is her current fave...

Cool color by numbers... {thank you, Pinterest! You can find them here.}

She doesn't follow the numbers, she's just cute...

Baking... {"Why does everyone judge my baking?!" now-famous quote from Sophie}

The mudroom is going to be my favorite room in the farmhouse. I just know it. {but not because of the laundry...}

Library visits with Grandma... {the book says if you're the smartest guy in the class, you'll have no trouble getting girls. Hoping Lawson follows that advice. =) }

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game...

So much painting...  {always makes me think of you, Beth! I know it would make you smile!}

My super healthy lunch one day... {that's a mozzarella cheese dip in the bowl and a Dr. Pepper. I obviously didn't start on the whole exercise/eat healthy thing over spring break.}

Playing "new" (borrowed) Wii games... {I love the pop bead bracelet, babe! It goes perfectly with your dressy jeans!} =)

So much play-do...

Using my laminator for the first time! {Just having it makes me happy!} Sophie traced cute little girls on to tracing paper, then taped them to heavier paper. She's thrilled with her little paper dolls.

Building towers...

Olive Garden, Target, and spending the night in a hotel with two of my most favorite friends. We've decided to make it a regular birthday tradition! {We didn't drink any wine... just took a picture.} =)

More shopping the next day... {rainbow flip flops make me happy!}

And, we end spring break with snow. Blah. This was just the start of it outside my school window {I spent 4 hours up there yesterday and could have easily spent 4 more.} We woke up to a couple inches this morning (which is better than the 6-8 inches they predicted!) 

So ready for the 78* weather Mother Nature teased us with last week!
Stupid groundhog.


rentz said...

That pic of Corey and Lawson made me laugh. Ezra just told me tonight: Lawson is still my best friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! All of it, but especially the painting :)

Anonymous said...

The painting you showed reminded me of the illustrations in the Rainbow Fish books. Love it!