Saturday, March 9, 2013


Last weekend, Corey decided to burn the big pile that was Grandpa Jones' house. He was headed out early... 6:30 am early... and Lawson wanted to go with him. We were pretty skeptical, considering I usually have to shake him awake at 7 am each day. He jumped out of bed at 6:15, though, all excited to go with Daddy. 

The girls and I headed out around noon to take them some lunch and their BB guns. Lawson was muddier than I've ever seen him, but he was having a ball. I offered to take him home with us, but he wanted to stay.

You could see the smoke and smell it burning from miles away...

Corey called me around 4:30 and said that Lawson was ready to come home. He was going to be stuck at the farm for awhile, taking care of some new baby calves, so I headed back out to get him. 

My cute red snow boots hadn't been awesome earlier at the farm. They're perfect for snow, but not perfect for mud. And there was so. much. mud. {I may have come home from the farm and started searching online for cute rain/mudboots. These mudboots of Corey's just aren't going to cut it.} 

These momma cows weren't too sure what to think of me... 

This little guy (or girl...) came running when he (or she) saw me by the fence. So cute.

Twins! A boy and a girl. {Did you know that if the twins are a boy and a girl (or a bull and a heifer, if you want to get cattle technical...), the girl is sterile 95% of the time?} There's your hereford trivia for the day. You're welcome. (Makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it?) =) 

The girl was doing much better than the bull for awhile there. They've been bottle feeding him (which is called a bucket calf...) {I wonder why it's a bucket calf and not a bottle calf? Apparently I need to do some studying on my hereford trivia...} They weren't sure he was going to make it for a few days, but Corey says he's doing good now. I'm hoping we can get out to see him sometime soon.

I wandered around the farm for awhile before I found Corey and Casey. Lawson wasn't with them, though. I had walked right past Corey's truck when I got there, but hadn't looked inside. My muddy little farmhand was tuckered out.

God bless the person who invented mudboots.


flower power momma said...

I think your "little man" is going to love farm/country life. And yes, I am impressed by your cow knowledge.
: )

Cassie said...

might i recommend BOGS for boots?!? they are CUTE and functional. an example here...
and those are even on sale! super comfy. LOVE mine!!