Sunday, March 3, 2013

happy things.

Just some random things that are making me smile lately... 

{cute new snow boots}
I didn't have any snow boots and knew we might be getting more snow up here this winter. (It always seems to snow more here than it did back in our old town. Except for this year. Go figure.) Anyway... they were cute, they were 50% off, I loved the red and the furry tops... but I wasn't sure about spending the money. So my mom bought them for me as an early birthday present. Just another reason to love shopping with your mom. =)

{thank you, Target $1 spot}
These little clipboards are my favorite. I don't know for sure what I will do with this one, yet. But it was cute. And happy. And only $1. I bought enough of the star answer boards for my students to use with partners. We haven't used them yet, but aren't they FUN?! I know they'll love them.

{organizery cuteness}
This is my planner/calendar/organizer for the year. I keep all my weekly lists in here. You know I love a good list.

{coffee cuteness}
I needed a new coffee mug for my morning drive. (Found mold growing in the lid of my old one. Gross. I had 3 wishes: 1) a screw on lid that wouldn't come off  2) wide enough that I could fit my hand in to wash it (surprisingly hard to find! Either that, or I just have large hands.) 3) Cute and happy.  The $1.99 price tag at Menards was just a bonus. =)

{new pictures in my favorite frames}

{renewed teaching license... I'm good until 2018!}

{family and friends}
 I finally got all our Christmas 2013 pictures up on our board. (We had some late cards this year. Even a couple Valentine's cards!) I did some rearranging just today and finally got everyone to fit. It makes me so happy to look at all the smiling faces.

{happy green chalkboard}
A super sweet Christmas gift from a super sweet friend. Isn't it just perfect?


Allen and Debby Graber said...

The pictures in the frames are wonderful!! Did you take those pictures? Your bulletin board is so full of pictures that you can't even see it! So funny! You have LOTS of friends and family! I tried to figure out how to put all of mine on the board too. I love the background and wanted it to show so I ended up putting some of the photos elsewhere.

Melissa said...

Glad the chalkboard makes you smile:) Love all your happy items! I broke down and ordered another Erin Condren planner this year. She ran $20 off a couple weeks ago and I couldn't resist. I am hoping it gets here today! I was going to text you about the sale and decided I wouldn't tempt you. But looks like you found a cute planner anyways! Have a great day!