Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve.

Candlelight Christmas Eve service. 
Dinner with family. 
Hanging out with family. 
(Can't remember how many years it's been since we were with family on Christmas Eve!) 

New pajamas... 

And yes... there are only two kids in the "happy-Christmas-Eve-pajamas-in-front-of-the-tree" picture.

We'll hope for all three kids tomorrow.

Appropriate book choice...

The stockings are hung (by the chimney!) with care... 

Red polka dots for Sophie... white snowmen for Lawson... snowflake polka dots for Gretchie... red snowmen for all three...

A Santa gift for all three to share... (put together with no yelling and minimal cussing. A Christmas miracle!)

Time to wake up the elf that's been asleep on my shoulder for an hour now... put sheets back on our bed... (since someone small and blonde coughed up blood on them this morning. Awesome way to start your day, thank you very much.)... and get ourselves to bed. Three little people will be waking up bright and early tomorrow! (7:30 is the earliest, we told them. We'll see...)

1 comment:

tami said...

merry christmas, amy and family! you are missed!
i had to stifle the laughter as i saw the book choice for lawson AND the congrats for minimal cursing ;-)