Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So far today, we've...

* Let in a plumber to fix the kitchen faucet. (Actually, Lawson let him in while I was still upstairs in my pajamas. Hello, Mr. Student's Father... welcome to my messy house. This is me in my pajamas. I wasn't really expecting you at 8:05 am. But... welcome!) 

* Cleaned up all the dog pee from the dog who is freaking out that we just let a 6' 4" strange man in the house. (And she hadn't been out yet for the morning, so there was a lot of pee. Awesome.) 

* Texted our landlord to tell him we also need an electrician to come. (Lights sparking and popping when Corey turned them on this morning. Which then blew a breaker. Probably not the safest light fixture to have hanging in our dining room.) 

* Been thankful that we aren't the ones who have to pay the plumber (who has been here twice in a week) and electrician. (The one nice thing about renting.) 

* But so far, the dog's is the only pee I've cleaned up, which is good. Because this is our focus today... 

We're prepared with lots of cute little panties... (which is good, because she apparently thinks she needs to change her panties every time she goes. We're on our third pair in 2 hours. Hopefully we can break this habit after today. Otherwise, I'm going to need to buy a lot more size 2T/3T panties. Or start doing laundry a LOT more often.)

Also prepared with this... (Yes, I totally bribe my children when they are potty training. Whatever works. And we don't keep it up forever... just the first couple weeks. Or until we run out of candy.)

So this little miss is drinking lots of juice and water... watching Dora and Tangled... and hanging out on the vinyl tablecloth in the living room. My biggest problem is the other two, who are suddenly incredibly needy when my focus is solely on their little sister. Sorry, big kids... today is not about you.

And no, Lawson... I'm not going to give you two M&M's because you went potty in the toilet.
Good try, though.

Update: I've now cleaned up two puddles besides the dog. One from Gretchen, who snuck out to the playroom for some crayons and managed to pee in the one room in the house with carpet. The other one from Sophie, who can't seem to remember the rule about keeping drinks out of the living room. She spilled her glass of milk all over the loveseat. Lovely. We're back on the vinyl tablecloth now and planning to stay here or on wood floors! Keep your fingers crossed! =)


Allen and Debby Graber said...

What a funny post!! Good laugh for the day!! Good luck, Gretchen!!

Ben said...

You can do it Gretchen!!! (and you can too mama!) Happy Thanksgiving to a wonderful family. :)

Mrs. E said...

Wow! I thought I was doing great to roll out of bed today. You've had a busy one! Hope things slow down a bit, except for the potty training!!

Toni :O) said...

Haha, this just cracked me up! Never a dull moment in your household! I'll pray for an easy potty training road for Gretchie! Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family as well!