Saturday, November 3, 2012

1st grade halloween.

These are the little people I spend my days with now... 

Everyone dresses up and we do a parade downtown and then visit a local nursing home. I dressed as a vet... scrub top, jeans, stethoscope and a stuffed dog. (It was pretty much just an excuse to wear jeans on a Wednesday.)

Our 5th grade teacher... her costume was "Teenage Drama." She had a bag of M&M's in her robe pocket and later taped a broken heart to her chest. I think the mascara streaks down her face were my favorite part, though. =)

Do you see that cute little cowgirl? =)

Our principal (Snow White) and all the paras (dwarves and Wicked Queen). Plus a little troll on the floor. =)

Full moon earlier this week.
Halloween on Wednesday.
A birthday party Thursday.
Another birthday party on Friday.
School family fun night on Saturday.

It's been a long and crazy week. Tuesday felt like it should have been Friday.
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but I know that's not really going to happen.
So I'll hope for a fun and productive weekend.
Really looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow!
(I wrote this on Friday. Little feet came pattering into our room at 8:45. Thank you, God, for late sleeping kids!!)

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