Saturday, November 24, 2012

thanksgiving day.

75* weather on Thanksgiving Day. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

My sweet niece, Madison. She gets LOTS of love and attention when my kids are around.

Somehow, tossing around the football turned into a family game of dodgeball. Kids and adults.

I missed out on playing, because I was doing this important job. (which was fine with me!) =)

Gretchen would dash through the middle of the game every few minutes for a hug from her Daddy.

The competition was pretty fierce at times...

I was still busy trying to keep this little miss from eating my camera strap...

Someone finally went and woke Uncle Brian up so he could join the fun, too.

Sorry Heather, this one just makes me laugh... =)

And someone finally warmed up to Uncle Casey a bit. (Meaning she was willing to look at him and walk close to him and even take something out of his hands.)


Getting every last bit of ice cream...

It was a happy, happy day with lots of fun memories! So much to be thankful for this year!
(Our 10 mile commute to Grandma Jones' was one of them!) =)


Toni :O) said...

Beautiful day, gorgeous photos! Baby feet are awesome!

Heather said...

It was a fun day!! Thanks for loving on my baby girl all afternoon!!

Danielle said...

Oh my gracious!! I can't believe how big Madison has gotten. So adorable!