Saturday, November 3, 2007


Cell phones do not like washing machines.
Neither do watches.
He blamed the watch on the kids. They must have hidden it somewhere.
Then we figured out what that clunking sound in the dryer was.
The watch was last week.
Cell phone was today.
I'm not complaining, though... he does do his own laundry, after all.

On another note... those "High School Musical" songs really stick in your head, don't they?
It wasn't exactly "Grease," but it was cute.


Anonymous said...

Maybe his better half should do his laundry, it would save them some money on electronics!!

Amy said...

His better half has plenty of other laundry to do, thank you very much. $95 for a cell phone and $10 for a watch vs. 8 years of him washing his own work clothes? Totally worth the money.