Saturday, November 10, 2007


All that's left is the painting!

I'm loving all this room! No worries about hitting the truck or mirrors as I'm pulling in or backing out. This is my first time to be parking in a garage, after all!

Trying to decide on door colors...

I love the navy blue accents on all the other doors...

and back and front porch...

But is that too much blue?

Maybe the darker green that we used for the fish scales?
(which is not the color shown on the garage below... they still need painted.)

Can you see the green at the top? It's a little darker than the house.

We welcome any opinions or suggestions!

The best compliments we've gotten?
The people who say that it looks just like the front of our house.
That's exactly what we were going for!

1 comment:

meg duerksen said...

hey amy...
i guess i would lean toward the cream color. not that it would look bad navy but like you said maybe a little too much? either way it will be good. i do like how it looks now. i bet cory hopes he never has to paint another thing in his whole life!