Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thank you to those who have commented so far. We want lots of opinions!

Yes, the side door to the garage is navy. So is the back door and back porch. We were just worried that 2 big navy doors would be too much. Maybe not, though?

Keep commenting.
This is an important decision, after all.


kristin said...

okay, a little slow...but i did have the opportunity to see your place in real life today during a play time...and i like the idea of all your doors matching...so i say navy.

or, paint them a brand new color...like red.

amy d said...

Since all of my customers have seen your garage being built from the ground up, I have started asking them what they think the colors for the doors should be. here are the results. Navy-13 votes Darker green-4 votes light green-7 votes and trim color (cream) 1 vote ( that was my dad, but he thinks everything should be cream or white!) I think the more I gaze out my window that I vote for the navy. Is that enough? or do I need to keep polling? :)