Tuesday, January 29, 2013

kansas day.

Happy Kansas Day, from our staff to you! 

Most of our staff, anyway.
Two K-State fans were missing, and we didn't let the 3 KU fans be in the picture. =)
There's no doubt what the favorite Kansas team is here!

And... I will always think of my favorite 1st grade teacher next door on Kansas Day. She grew up in Indiana (I think. Maybe Illinois?) and found it so strange when she moved here. Apparently other states don't celebrate their birthdays. :)

Is it just Kansas? Does your state celebrate it's birthday? (The day it became a state)
Surely we're not the only ones!


rentz said...

Wish I could have given you cookies today. :( Happy Kansas Day!

jennifer said...

Haha, nope, we sure don't! However, ironically, I went to a baby shower this evening where the father to be went to K-State, and that unborn baby sure did get a lot of custom wildcat gear.

Butterball said...

I've lived in 4 states other than Kansas... nobody knows their respective state's birthdays, nor are they up to speed on their state tree, bird, flower, or song. Kansas Pride forever!!!

Leah Elizabeth said...

It is definitely strange! But I've come to appreciate KS day when it involves sunflower seed cookies and happy sunflower watercolor paintings. And I grew up in IL but lived in IN and neither state celebrates their bdays.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's only KS! I've talked to lots of people from other states, and no one seems to remember celebrating their states birthday! KS is definitely a unique place to live!