Monday, January 21, 2013

crazy hair.

Have you seen Zhu Zhu pets? 
These crazy little hamster things that zip all around when you push a button on their back. 
We have a whole box of them that the kids love to play with. (They are tons of fun on wood floors!) 

Awhile back Gretchie was happily playing by herself... she came out to the hair bucket and got a comb... said something about fixing "his crazy hair" and ran back off. 

I was, of course, paying awesome attention to my child and was aware of every single thing she was doing. 
Or not... 

We found this soggy little guy a bit later in the bathroom. 
Completely soaked. 
With his spiky little mohawk all plastered down over his face...

No more crazy hair. =)

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Danielle said...

He looks so sad :(