Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ready enough.

It's not perfect... but I'm ready enough.
Crazy amounts of work done this past weekend.
So thankful for my amazing mom. She was a huge help to me. I couldn't have done it without her.

This was Thursday...

And after Meet the Teacher Night on Monday...

First day is tomorrow.
(Did you catch that? First day of school is WEDNESDAY, but the Meet the Teacher Night was on MONDAY. Our first actual workday? This afternoon. Crazy.)

I met 13 of my 22 kiddos last night.
Yes... 22. Biggest class I've ever had.
Not sure what happened to the whole "small class sizes" that was supposed to be an advantage here.
But I have a para for almost the entire day. Which should be awesome.

Tomorrow is a half day. Which is also awesome.
I'm sure I'll be fine. I always have too much planned for the first day anyway. Even when it's a full day.
1:00 will come really quickly, I'm sure.

Not sure when the emotions will all hit me. I was teary off and on this afternoon. Just feeling overwhelmed, I think. And grateful for how supportive everyone here is being. I'm very blessed.
But missing my old colleagues. A lot. Missing all the familiar little faces in the hallways.
Feeling nervous for Sophie and Lawson.
And I've been shown too many inspirational video clips the past two days. Facing the Giants... Dangerous Minds... Dead Poets Society. Some of those clips would make me teary on a normal day.

Thinking of so many faces tonight and knowing that I'll be missing so many of those faces tomorrow.
And missing the hugs.
But trying hard to focus on the faces that are here.
And to be thankful for the smiles.


sarajane said...

Hope your first day is great!

Danielle said...

Your room looks awesome!! I recognize a few things in the photos. I can't wait to hear about your first day and Soph and Lawson's first day. It's going to be super, duper fantabulous!

Kristi said...

The room wreaks of Amy Jones and that's a good thing!

Kristi said...

The room wreaks of Amy Jones and that's a good thing!

Ben said...

I hope your first day was wonderful!!! Your room looks amazing. :)
~ Laurie