Monday, July 6, 2015


We haven't had the best luck with cats out here on the farm. At one point we had 8. (And that was before Smidget was born!) Now we have 2. Most of them we blame on the coyotes or a big owl that lives out here and perches on top of our barn or garage. Two were cars. We've gotten pretty used to it, but losing this little one definitely hurt the worst.. 

Both Simone and her kittens were supposed to be outdoor cats. But Simone really wanted inside. We would let her in to snuggle sometimes, but she always slept outside. Then she had two kittens right before Thankgiving. And it got crazy cold. Only 1 made it. It didn't take long for these two to get moved inside.

Smidget was spoiled rotten from Day 1. No doubt about it.

I do own other sweatshirts, I promise. This one's just my favorite. And apparently I wear it a LOT. 

We found this little kitten everywhere. The sink... the dishwasher... inside cabinets... the washing machine... the bathtub... the toilet. (That's a good story!)

You are missed so much, sweet Smidget. I think I took it harder than any of the kids. They are all quickly becoming farm kids. Me? Not so much yet. 

But so, so glad that we still have this momma cat around. (Although I'm not sure what will happen if she has kittens again...) 
And I've never noticed her one gray toe until this picture! =)


Anonymous said...

some darling pictures.

sundancesally said...

Such sweet pictures. Pets sure can find a place in your heart, don't they?

Debby Graber said...

Love those pictures!! What happen to her? It is so sad to lose a kitty! I can't have any more since my daughter-in-law is allergic. I've thought about outdoor kitties, but the city law doesn't permit, plus I have to think about it getting run over, or bit by a rabid critter or eaten by a coyote too. If there would ever be a non-allergic type of kitten, I would surely get one!! I'm so sorry for your loss of the precious little one!

Amy said...

She was one of the two that were hit by cars. So sad. :(

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute name for a kitten! So sorry you lost her!