Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas eve.

Christmas Eve service. 
Christmas lights. 
Take out pizza. (Easiest Christmas Eve supper ever! And everyone was happy with it!) 

I was a little nervous about the Christmas pjs this year... 

Luckily they were a hit.

 We definitely didn't plan on matching Christmas jammies, but Corey and I ran across these at Target and couldn't pass up the opportunity! =)

This little miss said her tummy didn't feel good and just wanted to snuggle. (But then she started making silly videos on my phone. Still hoping to avoid this yucky bug that's going around!)

After the kids were in bed, we decided we probably ought to put together the giant Barbie house for Gretchen.

I was impressed with all the color coded organization!

Pink designs for Sophie... stripes for Gretchen... green circles for Lawson.. red and white polka dots for all three.

These might be two of my favorite gifts under the tree, though. Read the tags. =)

Merry Christmas Eve!
Although it's after 1 am now, so Merry Christmas!
7:30 is go-time in the morning, so I should get to bed!
Anxious for tomorrow! =)

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Anonymous said...

building that dollhouse looks hard.