Saturday, June 14, 2014

nature center. {with cousins}

 {I love the selfie happening in this picture.} =)

 {Vaccinating fish. I can't even imagine doing this job. Nasty.}

 {Prairie dogs}

 {Searching for bats}

 {Following footprints}

 {More footprints}

 {I'll let Grandpa be the one to show Gretchie the snakes. Creepy.}

 {Pretty sure he was giving me a dirty look.}

 {They were running in circles, flapping their arms and yelling "Tweet, tweet!"}

 {Never did get one with everyone looking at the camera.}

No poison ivy and only 1 tick.
It was a good trip. =)

1 comment:

Butterball said...

Pretty sure your parents would have never guessed that their two daughters would have given them so. many. grandchildren. :)