Monday, March 31, 2014

family party.

Lawson got 6 of the 8 "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books. He checks them out all the time from the library and reads them over and over. So I arranged to have everyone get him one. This one is his favorite... from Sophie. 

A cd he's really been wanting... but he was really confused by Grandma's wrapping. =)

Cheating at basketball, trying to beat Uncle Casey...

So blessed to have family nearby to celebrate with us. =)
(Some day we'll get you here for a party, Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian!)


Anonymous said...

Amy, what a happy, sweet-looking boy! I hope he had a wonderful day. Where do you get their number shirts? Do you make them?

Jen in OH

Amy said...

Hey Jen! I do make their number shirts for their birthdays each year. :) They are nothing fancy at all and take me about 20 minutes to make. I always tell people not to look too closely. :) It's a fun little tradition, though, and it's fun to have all these little numbers shirts now to pull out and look through sometimes. :)

Robin said...

Hi Amy :)
Tell me about that yummy cake!! :). Looks like lemon pound cake?? Yum :)
Your kids are adorable :)

Amy said...

Hi Robin! :)
The cake is just a plain ol' angel food cake, made in a loaf pan. My kids have started requesting my mom make those for their birthdays. It makes two and I think they love picking the frosting colors the most. :) (Lawson chose yellow and blue) :)