Saturday, November 23, 2013

flag football.

We spent several Tuesday and Thursday evenings here during the month of October... 

Most of the boys on Lawson's team (including Lawson) were playing for the very first time. (and it showed.)

They didn't win many any games, but they all had fun.

The huddle was probably their best move. They were really good at huddling. =)

Lawson always had a good cheering section. (A definite plus to have grandparents so close!)

See? More huddling.

I think they scored one touchdown all season. Maybe two. Those were pretty exciting moments. =)

Lawson's goal for the season (his goal from us) was to pull a flag. Just one. He came close... (he's not our aggressive child. I'm actually not sure we have an aggressive child.)

By the last few games of the season, we were bundled all up in winter clothes and covered in blankets.

Still my favorite play... =)

Lawson even had some Texas cousins to cheer him on for his last game...

Grateful once again to the dad/coach that was willing to step up and coach this group of boys (and one girl) that had never played flag football before. He taught them a lot and made sure they had fun... even when the other team (and referees) were laughing at them. (Yeah... that really happened.)

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