Sunday, September 19, 2010

things that made me smile this week.

**  On Monday, 3 people commented on how much Gretchen looks like me. One woman at gymnastics looked out in the gym and said "That blonde in the black leotard must be yours, too." She said she was just thinking about how much Gretchen looked like me, then looked in the gym and saw another one.   :)

**  Two different subs at school commenting on how calm and under control my class is. One of them kept talking about my tone of voice and how kind I sounded.   :)

**  Teaching 1st graders about ladybugs. And then showing them the ladybug house with real, alive, ladybug larvae!

**  Bags of M&M's that show up on my desk.  :)

**  A grandpa who will spend 2 hours driving to watch a 30 minute soccer practice.

**  Perfect weather for an impromptu family night at the park.

**  Talking with my mom about outfits for our family pictures coming up. I said something about not wanting us to all wear black. My mom just laughed and said, "Everyone in black? That is definitely not you."   (I do love color.)   :)

**  Supper and hanging out with my favorite sister-in-law and brother-in-law. And hot fudge on ice cream.

**  Picking Gretchen up from the church nursery today... one of the workers looked at me and said, "Your daughter is so. stinkin. precious!" (She really is... but it's nice when other people see it, too.)  :)

**  Paying $10 for a $100 item. 20% off coupon + $75 worth of gift cards from Discover points.  Awesome.

**  Spending $20 at Gap... paying with a $25 gift card... getting $5 cash back. Always nice to leave a store with a purchase + cash you didn't come in with.  :)

**  Target with a friend. Enough said.

**  A new red purse. Clinique Bonus. (It was a good shopping trip today.)

**  Surprising my hubby with his favorite ice cream. Just because.

**  Hearing that Lawson's best friend thinks he sounds like Corey sometimes when he talks. (Pretty sure I've never met a 5 year old with a voice quite that deep.)


Cheryl said...

Way to count your blessings!!
-Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
Looks like you have a lot to be thankful for. :)

rentz said...

Love the last one! :) Glad we gave you something to smile about!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! =)
I do use picnik. (I LOVE that site!) To make the arrows, I just go to create, then stickers. The arrows are in the basic shape category. You can change the arrow's color, size, and the direction it is pointing. Hope this helps!